Terms  All orders, changes or cancellations should be made in writing via e-mail to halofineart@bellsouth.net. Delivery in 3-6 weeks


Orders  $40 minimum. We except checks, PayPal, Visa, Master Card and American Express.  Credit card number must be supplied at time of order with expiration date and verification code.


Quotes/Commissions  All quotes can be obtained through the ARTIST directly via e-mail halofineart@bellsouth.net or by calling (504) 296-9920.


Damages  Inspect merchandise immediately after receiving.  Damages or defects should be reported in writing 5 days of receipt of merchandise.  Claims made outside of 5 days following delivery will not be considered.  Please do not sign for merchandise that is obviously damaged.  Shipments should be refused.


Shipping/Handling  UPS/FedEx Ground Shipping


What is a giclee print?

 A Giclee (zhee-klay) is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer. Giclees are produced from digital scans of existing artwork. This printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.