I discovered my talents as a visual artist at an early age.  Color has taken on a tremendous role in all of my work as well as my life experiences.  The many hues of the world, I believe are different from my perspective.   When shades of blue and yellow in the sky merge and most see green, I instead see violets with orange undertones.  This God-given talent fuels my passion to create and mimic the colors I see.
             Another important role in all of my work is to really be an artist. An artist is defined as one who practices an art or one who creates objects of beauty. To create is to connect with feelings that are human in nature. To connect is to have the ability to take away pain and bring joy to ones' life.
            I have been told that my work has an "impact" on people's lives; the word "impact" meaning forceful contact.  To take an otherwise insignificant image to some and make it larger than life is one of the most; if not the most, important goals I have set for myself. To empower someone with my images brings me much joy and is a constant reminder that what I do is certainly not in vain.